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GoodVibe.FM is an Allied Media Sponsored Project

In the News 28 Oct 18 0

GoodVibe Community Media Network recently joined more than 80 creative arts and media projects supported by Allied Media Projects, through it’s Sponsored Projects program, Allied Media offers a range of shared services to social justice art, media, and technology projects across the country.  GoodVibe was created to showcase independent local music and promote greater on-air diversity.  Our goal is to help expand the reach of community media partners and provide programming variety for our audience.

Detroit Based Media Network a Model of Collaboration

In the News 03 Oct 18 0

Detroit, MI

A Detroit-based organization is quietly building a digital enterprise unlike any other. GoodVibe Community Media Network is the work of Make this World Foundation, a Michigan-based non-profit devoted to outreach and advocacy through media. GoodVibe.FM currently streams audio through its website and mobile app, while GoodVibe.TV is being developed as a companion site for original video content. The network is now building a roster of Content Producers who will receive training in media production and become eligible to submit programming for distribution. GoodVibe is also a registered producer for the Public Radio Satellite System which serves more than 400 public radio stations around the country. “We hope GoodVibe provides an online destination that’s user friendly, easy to remember and communicates a bit of what we’re about” explained David Pittman, General Manager for GoodVibe Community Media Network.

Low Power Radio Stations Collaborate

In the News 20 Oct 17 0

GoodVibe.FM was born in the summer of 2017 as a way to connect community radio stations with one another. Our low power station WEGV had recently begun transmitting from a tower site in Chelsea, MI and needed programming.  Fortunately, we weren’t alone since we discovered that WNUC in Detroit and KZUT in Los Angeles were also newly launched stations looking for new ways to engage with their audiences.  A few meetings and phone calls later, we had the beginnings of our own community media network.